Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hello 80 degree weather!!

and good bye triple digits.  Its been awhile..Fall is soon coming around and i can't wait.  School is back in session. I was excited than i realized being the second week into my courses that i actually have to get back into study mode again, and not come home and stare at my books.   This summer was really a blur, with so many things happening that I found myself trying to forget everything. Just so i can keep thinking about the future.  Forgot, that i should live in the moment.  Slowly, but surely I am getting "better" sort of speak. 

So i have finally gotten my jewelry holder that I designed, but since my dad being the all around father. Who, had the tools to make this , couldn't help but make it for me. Which i didn't mind at all since, i would probably injured myself. I designed and he provided the scraps of raw materials. Hey, he even went as far as getting me a stainless steel thing for it. I'm fortunate for him , and all he does.

This is the finish product.

YES,I Love it!
Im still in the middle of organizing my earrings,bracelets and such..
This is pretty easy to make, you can use chicken fence for the center part.
Comment, if you want the exact "how to " guide. But I can assure i didn't assemble the one up there.  I told my dad what i want , and this is what he made me. It was the exact thing I imagined. But of course it turned way better than I asked for.

So, hmm,  Life is full of shortcomings. You really can't be prepared to what tomorrow will bring. Honestly, so what? If you are true to your self and the big man upstairs.  Treat people with respect, live life honestly.  Also, live it being happy and sharing it with people. 

So what did everyone think of Lady G at the VMAS? Im a fan, but goodness..I was kinda weirded out.

This is it for now, till next time..

Monday, June 13, 2011

May showers June flowers

The last few weeks leading up to today, has been a blur.

My life, Especially my brothers life will forever be change.  He lost he's best friend 2 weeks ago. 
Its still unreal that he will never be around.  Life is once again presenting us that life is to short.  Words can't comprehend the pain and loss we all feel.  Its a day to day struggle, Somedays he's infectious smile, or i can vividly hear he's laugh. Even reminscing about the good memories.  Though, i always thought he would be around till we all got married and had kids, i always thought he would be standing in the altar as my brothers best man.  They have a friendship that last longer than a marriage, over 20 years now. It breaks my heart just at the thought of him being gone , and how we are lucky to have known him.  This fresh and raw feeling i don't think will ever go away.  Its harder to know that a good person like him had an untimely death. Its even hardest to comprehend that my brother not only lost a best friend, but a brother. 

Oh the kruds,

So my asthma has never been bad or active shall i say until 2 years ago. But this past weekend has topped it all off.  My asthma has turned into something scarier than i've imagine. I never once thought it would come out like this. But the feeling of restricted to even go down the hall in my house has really been a wake up call.  I also found out that the city i live is #5 worst city to live in for asthma.  Im ready to move for a cleaner air city.  I will be making lifestyle changes, to better my health. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

stay strong, think summer body!

ha! off and on at the gym the last few weeks. Tonight, i get a text message from the amster saying
 "gym 715? be there or be kicked in the face"

As much as i LOL,  I went and did 25 min of cardio, 2 sets of 20 in squats, 2 sets of 15 in the twist torso machine, 2 sets of 10 in crunches, and 20 mins in the sauna. It really isn't much, but its a start back into a routine.  After the cardio I felt good, and after the gym I felt better. Its been awhile since i've incorporated other things. Last few times, I've just been doing cardio and sauna.  I really did feel good. Although i felt crappy with allergens last few weeks, I felt better.  Summer is not far off, I've got work to do.

No matter how I try to justify my absence, I do feel bad and obviously it shows.  Im not reaching for a size zero. But a healthy medium is what i want to attain. Reminscing to my soccer and younger years . How active i was. How healthy i was back than.
So cheers to consistency and feeling healthy!

Monday, March 28, 2011 reality is ...

Unfortunately, I've had to pull my 30 day challenge until i have time to fully dedicate a slot in my schedule. With only 8 weeks until semester is over, I need to grab a hold of my studying for this certain class.
Also, my pre-vegas mode work out is in full effect.  I'll define that phrase on the next blog. Till than



Sunday, March 13, 2011


I make a pretty damn good Chicken piccata..YUM

pictures next time i make it.

few more days and i'll be out for a weekend getaway for my late bday celebration..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

waiting, and more waiting..

Every time, I have an urge to blog i seem to get a writers block. When I do have an awesome title with an actual objective words to follow. I don't get to share it.  Its been 3 months into the new year.  Things aren't as mundane lately as it usually would.  In fact, its that time of the year when im awaiting to get into a program again. I receive a letter to go into an orientation for Program A:, I went, found out my rank in that list.  Im not going to lie, I'm so use to being a pessimist because of being rejected the last few times. I don't feel anything for it.  I don't want to get my hopes up. Although, alot of things could happen as the director says, theres just that innate feeling that always gets me. A cross between a failure and angered feeling.  But have faith because im not going to give up!  Program B is still in the works, but who's to say i am still out of the running for both. I'm keeping faith., and lord jesus help me.

Oh,its Ash Wednesday all week I've been thinking of things to give up or do better in.   I know people are giving up things that they have an obsession for.  I try to have a list that will better help me through this season.  Like what the priest said, if he can do it for 40 days, why can't we? I will be conscious of this thought until its easter.

Random thought: 

met a former nfl player, eye candy seems to be having an effect towards me..*grins*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

v-day bust

Valentines day was yesterday and one of my fave bloggers tweeted with:

"Flower deliveries have been happening all day at work...and so have the envious stares from the bitter & lonely, like me. " - PT

than couple of hrs later he tweeted "I'm officially now one of those bitches you love to hate in the work office on Valentines day" - PT

I couldn't help but laugh. All day at my hospital flowers was being delivered to my coworkers. Yes, i was ooh and awwing at the sight of the beautiful flowers.  I was definitley not the bitter & lonely that was envious of them. For one of the reasons being that the husbands who came up to personally delivered them to their wife or in general. Where in marriages that i do not envy. These are people who's marriages that are based on cheating and dishonesty. Love to see their significant other miserable.  It was for show for everyone, I was one that was thoroughly amused to see that these people whos marital bliss was long gone so many years ago would rather spend 60 on a bouqet of flowers to let everyone see how sweet they are to their spouse when in reality they should put that in a fund of therapy or draw up divorce paper.

I spent the evening with some of my few close friends. We went to dinner, chowed down on some crab legs like carnivores you've never seen. The poor couples around us kept giving us a glimpse maybe because 4 girls eating like maniacs going through crab legs like professionals while they were trying to be romantic..News flash: when eating crab legs , its pretty much down and dirty..yummmy