Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hello 80 degree weather!!

and good bye triple digits.  Its been awhile..Fall is soon coming around and i can't wait.  School is back in session. I was excited than i realized being the second week into my courses that i actually have to get back into study mode again, and not come home and stare at my books.   This summer was really a blur, with so many things happening that I found myself trying to forget everything. Just so i can keep thinking about the future.  Forgot, that i should live in the moment.  Slowly, but surely I am getting "better" sort of speak. 

So i have finally gotten my jewelry holder that I designed, but since my dad being the all around father. Who, had the tools to make this , couldn't help but make it for me. Which i didn't mind at all since, i would probably injured myself. I designed and he provided the scraps of raw materials. Hey, he even went as far as getting me a stainless steel thing for it. I'm fortunate for him , and all he does.

This is the finish product.

YES,I Love it!
Im still in the middle of organizing my earrings,bracelets and such..
This is pretty easy to make, you can use chicken fence for the center part.
Comment, if you want the exact "how to " guide. But I can assure i didn't assemble the one up there.  I told my dad what i want , and this is what he made me. It was the exact thing I imagined. But of course it turned way better than I asked for.

So, hmm,  Life is full of shortcomings. You really can't be prepared to what tomorrow will bring. Honestly, so what? If you are true to your self and the big man upstairs.  Treat people with respect, live life honestly.  Also, live it being happy and sharing it with people. 

So what did everyone think of Lady G at the VMAS? Im a fan, but goodness..I was kinda weirded out.

This is it for now, till next time..

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  1. I love the holder! I need one badly too.. I have a necklace stand and a box for rings but they are getting out of control.